BONE-IN Korean Braised Pig Trotter (JOKBAL) 3-4 pax

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BONE-IN Korean Braised Pig Trotter (JOKBAL) 3-4 pax

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Jokbal is a favourite classical Korean dish consisting of pig's trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices. Hanguk Kitchen’s Pork Trotters are braised in a combination of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and rice wine for many hours until it is immersed with the most original flavours with melt in your mouth tenderness. 

Our chefs carefully prepare this classic Korean sharing dish, and flash freeze the meat to maintain the highest quality of taste and freshness.

Served with Ssamjang sauce on the side. 

**Please note that this dish doesn’t come with lettuce. Customers are advice to get their own to serve with this dish. 

Preparation instructions:
From Defrost 
1.Boil a pot of water (enough to cover the entire Pork Hock) until boiling and then switch off the fire.
2. Place entire Pork inside pot and cover to allow it to warm up slowly for 15min.
3. Slice the meat into 1cm thick slices to serve
4. For sauce, let it defrost and you can serve cold. No need to heat up.
5. Make a Jokbal wrap by wrapping Pork Hock slices, rice, kimchi, garlic and Ssamjang in lettuce and enjoy!


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