[Heat & Serve] Korean Ginseng Pork Rib Soup w Potato Glass Noodle 650g (Insam Dwaeji Galbi Tang)

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Heat and Serve Series

[Heat & Serve] Korean Ginseng Pork Rib Soup w Potato Glass Noodle (Insam Dwaeji Galbi Tang) 650G (For 1-2 Pax)

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A rich but delicate Korean soup made from Korean Ginseng, Pork Ribs, assortment of Herbs, and glass noodles (dangmyun), which are made with sweet potato starch. This dish most likely originated more than 800 years ago, during the waning days of the Goryeo Dynasty.

This new Heat & Serve series is a hearty, substantial dish intended to fill you up. It takes a lot of preparation time, which includes pre-soaking the ribs to remove traces of blood and simmering it in herbs for many hours.

Some people like to add some chili seasoning to it at the table to give it a little kick, but others prefer it plain with rice and banchan. In addition, many Koreans prefer to eat this with kimchi, so you might make certain you have some of that on hand!


 Heating instructions: 


1) Defrost the entire bag in hot water for 10 mins

2) Pour out the contents and continue boiling for 5 - 8 mins

3) Serve and enjoy!



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