Kimchi Jjiggae (Korean Kimchi Soup) 500g (1 Pax)

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Heat and Serve Series

[HEAT & SERVE] Korean Traditional Kimchi Soup 500g (For 1-2 Pax)

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100g (20%) more Kimchi Soup for the same price! 

Korean Traditional Kimchi Soup comes in 500g (Traditional Kimchi flavour) or in 500g (Kimchi Soup with Clam, Kimchi Soup with Assorted Mushroom or Kimchi Soup with Chicken). Suitable serving for 1 person.

Fermented Cabbage Kimchi, Minced Garlic, Coarse Chilli Powder, Fine Chilli Powder, Kimchi Juice, Sliced Onion, Leek, Shitake Mushroom, Mirim, Kimchi Broth.

*Please keep product in freezer upon receiving it. 

This is Heat & Serve series. 

Our Heat & Serve series is produced locally and cold-blasted to preserve its freshness with no added preservatives making it a healthier alternative to Korean cuisine.

Heat & Serve series is also a convenient way for you to enjoy restaurant quality Korean food from the comforts of your own homes. 

Heating instructions: 

1) Defrost the entire bag in hot water for 10 mins
2) Pour out the contents and continue boiling for 5 - 8 mins
3) Serve and enjoy!


1. Put the whole pack in boiled water (10-15mins)
2. Unpack and pour in a pot.
3. Add any meat you want (Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, spam, canned tuna)
4. Boil and make sure meat is cooked.

Onion, zucchini, kimchi, leek, shitake mushroom, chilli powder, Garlic.

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