Korean Canned Braised Black Bean in Soy Sauce 70g

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Korean Canned Braised Black Bean in Soy Sauce 70g

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Braised Canned Braised Black Bean in Soy Sauce 70g

1. Braised black beans areis a popular side dish that is usually served with rice. It has a in sweet and slightly a little nutty flavor.
2. With 40 years of know-how and Sempio’s secret recipe that’s been perfected since 1976, Sempio has created the perfect braised black beans in soy sauce. We braised the black beans in a soy-based seasoning for at least two hours until the beans are properly infused with the seasoning and the beans’ texture becomes tender and not too chewy. Then, they are topped with roasted sesame seeds for a nutty finish.
3. Only carefully selected raw ingredients and condiments are used to make our soy braised black beans with care–just like mom would make them..
4. Our One-touch packaging makes it easy to store and use , and it's easy to use as well as a side dishes at home and or on the go. Its portability makes it convenient to use outdoors for camping or picnics.

black beans boiled in soy sauce, polyglycitol syrup, soy sauce, sugar, sesame, naturally fermented soy sauce concentrate, modified starch, hydrolyzed wheat gluten, yeast extract.

Allergy Info.
contains wheat, sesame and soybeans.


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