(Seasonal Menu) Jeju Gogi Guksu (800g) Heat & Serve

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Heat and Serve Series

(Seasonal Menu) Jeju Gogi Guksu (800g) Heat & Serve (For 1-2 Pax)

  • $14.90

  • 3 at $13.00/ each!

Ingredients: Water, Onion, Leek, Whole Garlic, Radish, Miwon, Chicken Powder, Pork Concentrate, Black Pepper Powder, Flower Salt, Carrot, Shiitake Mushroom, Green Chilli Padi, Pork Belly, Sesame Seed, Laver Seaweed, Frozen Ramen.


Heating instructions:

1. Defrost the entire bag in hot water for 10 mins.

2. Pour out the contents and continue boiling for 5 - 8 mins

3. Serve and enjoy!


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